3 Months of Charlotte

July 23, 2014

3 months of Charlotte!


3months{Month 3 = smiling!!!}



**You’ve discovered your lips!! It is so much fun to watch (and listen) to you play with them! When you suck in your bottom one, both lips nearly disappear.


**You’ve also mastered crying with your lips closed. It’s so cute and endearing (and a much quieter cry than when your lips are open)!


**You love sucking on your fists. You will be in the living room and I can hear you smacking away while I’m doing dishes in the kitchen.


** You’ve started laughing and it’s just about the cutest thing E.V.E.R. Can’t wait to hear that first giggle.


**You’re starting to enjoy (?) tummy-time. ¬†You keep staring at that baby in the mirror that’s staring back at you.


**4th of July weekend week was a doozy for all of us when it came to your sleeping. You had been sleeping like a champ (up once a night- I’ll take it) and the heat-wave we had totally threw you for a loop… up 5-6 times per night. Oy. Ever since then I’m nervous every night I put you to bed, not exactly knowing what the night has in store for us all.


** You are usually pretty good in the car, but if we’re stopped at a red light, or in traffic, for too long, you make sure we haven’t forgotten about you.


**You’ve turned into a spit-up queen! Spitting up doesn’t seem to bother you, but we go through at least 3-4 burp clothes a day.


**You LOVE this book we got you. You’ll sit in your swing and play with it for quite a while before wanting a different toy/activity. Best $5 ever spent.


** You’ve started to talk!!! It’s the cutest thing in the world and I could listen to you all day. You get such a concerned look on your face and you lift your fists up to your face. You have so much to say and aren’t entirely sure how to get it all out!


**Daddy is usually up with you for your early morning feeding so mom can get an extra hour or two of sleep. I usually find you and him taking a little morning snooze on the couch before he has to get ready for work.


**Dirty diapers do not bother you as much as I’ve seen them bother other babies.


**We go on TONS of walks during the week while daddy is at work. I feel like we’ve been all over town… Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Little Italy, Downtown. I feel like a hot, sweaty mess most days.


**We also make lots of Target trips….


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  1. Lauren says:

    I just want to squeeze her so hard- she is such a joy! And I love that she now has her own blog section. xoxo

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