2 months of Charlotte!

June 20, 2014

2 months of Charlotte!


cover{Month 2 = looking at the camera/who’s talking to her}



**Smiling & cooing


**Being out of the carseat/stroller and looking around


**Staring at the little thing-a-ma-jigs hanging above her Rockaroo


**Bath time- her eyes get so big and she kicks and punches and furrows her brow…. sometimes I think she’s going to start crying, but she never does :)


**Listening to music and mommy’s out-of-tune singing


**LOVES being walked around the house. We’ll carry her and she’ll push off our shoulder and just look around. Her little head is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen… just bobbing around checking things out. I would give anything to know what is going through her head.


**Watching mom make dinner in the kitchen. She’ll sit in her chair and watch and listen as I explain everything that I’m doing. She’ll even give me smiles if she likes what I say.



**Going under overpasses (in the car or stroller)- her eyes get SO big!!


**She’s so ticklish. When you put your hand on her belly, all 4 limbs go flying out. It’s very, very cute.


**We have this one toy that has the crinkly paper in it and she’s been way more alert to it when we hold it in front of her. Her whole body starts moving and she gets so fixated on it. It’s so fun to watch her try to figure out how to grab it.


**We’re still working on tummy time. Slowly but surely we’re making progress.


**Just in the last couple days she’s started to frown, stick out her bottom lip and get a very concerned look on her face before she starts crying. It’s the cutest/saddest thing.


**Sleeping at night has been okay. I definitely enjoy it when she sleeps long periods at night, but I don’t get overly excited thinking that we’re there yet.


–Other monthly updates–

Month 1



  1. Lauren says:

    So sweet!

  2. natalie viani says:

    So cute! She is amazing :)

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