DIY Herb Garden

July 12, 2013

Fresh herbs!


Part of the reason I can’t wait to live in a house is simply so I can have a garden. I envision an amazing vegetable garden like my mothers, but I’m sure I’ll have a few years of trial and error before I can get anything decent going. And I’ll need her and Robin’s help every step of the way because I’m such a rookie when it comes to what grows best and where.


I’ve been wanting to make an herb garden for awhile, but it took a loooooong time to pull the trigger because of my lack of a green thumb. I buy herbs often but haven’t mastered¬† the “use-a-lot-of-recipes-with-the-same-herb-so-none-gets-wasted” meal plan.¬† Having an herb garden will allow me to snip what I need, when I need it. AND the mini garden will look lovely sitting on our dining room table which gets lots of afternoon sunlight.


I found the perfect compartmentalized box at Home Goods, covered up the sides with burlap* (so dirt didn’t spill out the sides), drilled holes for draining, filled the compartments with rocks, soil and herbs, then laid some Spanish Moss on top of the dirt for a more finished look.


{box + supplies for getting the box “garden” ready}


{drainage holes and burlap (simply glued to the sides)}




{layer of rocks then layer of soil}


{Adding the finishing touch, Spanish Moss, for a more finished look.}


{Crossing my fingers I can keep this thing alive!}


*I think this is the first time I’ve used burlap the proper way. For something dirty/outdoorsy related and not decorative. Although I do have to say it looks pretty cute/well polished/clean looking as seen from the sides of the box.


A P.S. picture:



The other night Matt was inspecting the herb garden to see how things were going. He then started to prune it- the cilantro leaves were looking a little yellow (It’s only been 5 days!!! How do I manage to kill plants so soon??). His green thumb comes in handy.



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