German Chocolate Cupcakes

July 3, 2013


These have been on my Pinterest dessert board for quite some time now. I’ve been waiting patiently for an opportunity to make them since I knew I would have no self control if I made 24 cupcakes and left them on the kitchen counter. And it turns out that I had little self-control when I brought 4 home. What was I thinking?


I decided to modify the recipe slightly and make cupcakes instead of brownies. This was simply due to the fact that there was a box of German Chocolate cake mix sitting in our cupboard. Once the cupcakes were made, I followed this recipe for the Coconut Pecan frosting. Believe it or not, I completely omitted the butter.  Not because I meant to or was trying to make these somewhat healthy. Please. They have vegetable oil, evaporated milk and sugar to name a few unhealthy ingredients. Perhaps if I omitted those 3 + the butter, I might be trying to make them healthy, but that wasn’t the case. I just completely forgot and didn’t realize it until the frosting was completely done.


One of the things I absolutely loved about this frosting is that it took no time at all to frost the cupcakes. They don’t need to look perfect. It’s a clumpy frosting, so there’s no way for it to look pretty. This is good for me as you may remember my cupcake fiasco a couple years ago. What’s lacking in appearance is made up for in taste, I can guarantee you that.


{cake mix probably tasted just as good as if they were made from scratch}


{pecans + coconuts}


{frosting, minus 1/2 a stick of butter}


{lumpy and perfect}


By the way, isn’t it annoying how you buy super cute cupcake wrappers and then you can hardly see them once the cupcakes are baked? I suppose you could double up the liners, but that seems like a good ol’ fashion way of wasting money.


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  1. Mom says:

    That’s my kind of frosting. Wish I could try one:-)

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