Snickerdoodle Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches

July 2, 2012

These are definitely not your Average Joe ice cream sandwiches. More like a rich man’s ice cream sandwich.



Ice cream sandwiches remind me of my Grandma Dooley. They bring back fond memories of the afternoons my sister and I would spend at her house between school and my mom or dad picking us up after they got off work.


When I saw a recipe for ice cream sandwiches using soft-baked cookies, I knew I had to try them. With everything going on right now, I put the recipe on the back burner…. the back, back, back, back, baaaaaack burner. Making “from scratch” cookies anything didn’t quite rank high on my to-do list.¬† However, a couple weeks ago, I came across these “soft baked snickerdoodles” at Trader Joe’s…. they were strategically placed right next to the register, so it was like I had to make the ice cream sandwiches now, right?!?!


Being a 3-ingredient treat (1. cookies, 2. ice cream, 3. cereal) with a 3-step process, you can’t go wrong¬† (just have to make them immediately before serving)…

1. put a spoonful of ice cream (I choose coconut ice cream) on the bottom/flat surface of a cookie

2. sandwich with another cookie (flat bottom of cookie, ice cream, flat bottom of cookie)

3. roll in cornflakes for a little extra crunch!


{mini soft-baked snickerdoodle’s}


{rolling the sandwiches in crunched up cornflakes}


{bite-size ice cream sandwiches}


{They got Matt’s approval! He’s become my professional taste-tester… he was trained to be a professional taste tester by my sister ;)}


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