Homemade Coffee Creamer

March 26, 2012

I’m not a huge coffee lover, but I do enjoy a good cup o’ joe in the morning when I’m at work (if I don’t work for 2 weeks, I don’t drink coffee for 2 weeks).  There’s just something about sitting at my desk, checking my emails, getting ready for the day, that is made that much more enjoyable when it’s accompanied with some coffee.


Since I’ve started this cup-of-coffee-at-work habit, I’ve given a lot of thought to those little single-server creamers that sit out in room temperature for m.o.n.t.h.s on end. What is in them that makes them not go bad? What am I putting in my body??


My friend, Ly (who makes her own vanilla bean coffee creamer), forwarded me this site for homemade coffee creamer. I’ve made 2 different kinds (Cinnamon Strudel and Peppermint Mocha) both of which are great. They couldn’t be easier to make either- you can make 2-weeks worth of creamer in 5 minutes and for way less than what you would buy it for at the store.


{Cinnamon Strudel ingredients}


{Cinnamon Strudel}


{Peppermint Mocha- I used Cocoa powder instead of “cacao”… tastes just as good}


{straining out the cocoa powder}


{creamer for the next 2 weeks}


The creamer goes in the fridge and goes bad in about 2 weeks, so you know it’s better for you than single-server-room-temperature-creamers-loaded-with-preservatives :)


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