February 13, 2012

Question: What is wd40 good for aside from taking the squeaks and creaks out of things?


Answer: removing stains from clothes :)




These are Matt’s shorts (just some clarification in case you thought they were my long, baggy, gangster shorts) and he practically lives in them during the spring/summer/fall. Well, one fateful day last October Matt got hamburger grease on his shorts. I said “not a problem, I’ll just remember to spray them with stain remover before washing them”. Well, a week or so later when I was doing laundry, the shorts went in the wash-sans stain remover. I didn’t realize this until after they were out of the dryer and the stain was still there, now more permanent than ever. I think I was more bummed than Matt was- I hate losing a good item of clothing over something as lame as hamburger grease!


{the horrid stain}


Before they went in the Goodwill pile, I Googled different stain remover remedies and lo and behold, wd-40 popped right up. To say I was slightly skeptical is an understatement. We threw the shorts in the wash (with the stain saturated sprayed with wd-40) and they came out looking as good as new!


{last resort- Oh, that’s Matt’s hand too…. mine aren’t that hairy}


This may not be a “green” way of stain-removal, but it worked and that’s all that matters to me. The wd-40 will remain in the laundry section of our cupboard as opposed to the tool/repair section.




I now consider wd-40 on the same list as duct tape- those products are so flippin’ versatile.



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  1. Melanie says:

    This is incredibly helpful – thank you!

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