DIY Burlap Headboard

November 2, 2011

Welcome to my latest burlap project!
I love burlap so much, I might just name my first child, “burlap”.


I made this headboard in 4 hours. The simplest thing ever. I can’t believe it took me over 3 years to make a DIY headboard. All the tutorials looked simple enough, but usually things that “look” simple to me are somewhat complicated for me. Well, no complications here. And now we’re real adults with headboard.



The bed is queen size, so we started with a trip to Home Depot and got a piece of wood 60″ x 30″ and 2 pieces of 2×4’s that were 45″ tall. To make it puffy, I got a king-size package of batting from JoAnn’s, layered it 4 times over the “headboard” and stapled it to the back of the headboard. Then I wrapped burlap around the board and batting and stapled all this to the back of the headboard. I purchased 2 yards of burlap and had a fair amount left over.


For the “tufting” I wasn’t about to really sew 2 buttons holes through wood, so I cheated and used the staple-gun to create my tufts. Then, in keeping things looking the same, I cut circles out of cardboard and wrapped them in burlap, then glued them to the headboard. SO much simpler than actually tufting.

{1. headboard, batting, staple gun}


{2. batting stapled to headboard}


{3. burlap stapled over batting, to headboard}


{4. making my coordinating “buttons”}


{5. measuring out where the “tufts” are going}


{6. tufting}


Afterwards, we nailed the 2×4’s to the back of the headboard, propped it behind the bed, then pushed the bed against the wall. I’m absolutely loving our new room! I feel like we’re finally grown-ups :) And I have a lot more love for the room since most of it is diy.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here’s how Matt “helped” me:

{He actually did more than roll around with the batting… he double-checked my measuring, went to Home Depot with me, helped me get the wood into my teeny-tiny car, hammered the 2×4’s to the back of the headboard and helped me set it up perfectly!}


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  1. Matt Whiffen says:

    Don’t forget the cut I had on my finger from the wood. MY BLOOD went into this!!!

  2. Kacy says:

    Love the headboard and the staple tufting! Good idea : )

  3. Robin Whiffen says:

    Indeed you are such grown-ups now!

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