Babs vs. Martha Stewart Cupcake.

April 5, 2011

I unexpectedly got the Martha Stewart Cupcake book for Christmas and.I.Love.It!! I’m tempted to put it on the coffee-table as a reading book because these cupcakes are truly works of art.


Two of the ladies at my work are pregnant {both with little girls}, so we threw a baby shower during an extended lunch. I was very excited because every baby shower needs a dessert and this meant that I could use my cupcake book!!!


I decided to try my hand at the Chrysanthemum Cupcakes. Being the freakin’ novice that I am, I didn’t realize what exactly I was getting into.


I had my cupcakes, tips, pastry bag, food coloring and frosting and I was set to conquer these cupcakes! Well, the cream cheese frosting I made was delicious, but sooo runny. I was so irritated. I stuck it in the freezer for awhile, so it would get stiffer, but as soon as I started piping away, it would be runny. You couldn’t tell what the shape was and there was NO chance there would be a layered flower.


So, what should have looked like this {except in purple and pink}:



Ended up looking like this:



Womp-womp-wommmmmmp. So disappointing. At least they were really good, so that saved me.


I don’t know what I did wrong :( I didn’t use that much food-coloring {a few drops, but maybe that’s too much?}… perhaps I should have used colored food paste? I’ve never used that and didn’t really think it was necessary… thought food coloring would do the trick.  I also followed the recipe to a “T”. Any advice??


I’ve since looked on the Wilton site and found some tips on icing and decorating. One of their recipes suggests omitting butter and adding shortening for a stiffer icing?? Perhaps I’ll try that.


Alas, another goal for 2011… I’m going to master this cupcake design :) One of these weekends I’m going to whip up a batch of this icing and just pipe away. Stay tuned for that work of art!


Ps. In case you couldn’t tell, the Martha Stewart Cupcake won.


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