burlap table runner.

February 28, 2011

I told you about my burlap obsession here and showed a picture of a burlap table runner. Well, I decided to make one for the dining room table and it was much easier than I thought it would be :)



I purchased 2 yards of burlap and 2 yards of a “backing” fabric. You don’t need to use a backing, but I thought it would look and feel more sturdy. I bought a light-colored fabric for the backing so that it wouldn’t be really obvious if the fabric showed through the burlap a little. The fabric was $2 per yard at Joann’s! SCORE!!


The burlap was about 60″ wide and was double-folded on the fabric bolt, so it had a slight crease in it. I cut the fabric along that line…. the burlap was now 30″ wide


Here’s the burlap before the cut:



and here it is after the cut:



{like I told you about in my valance post, I like to use the floor if there is a lot of fabric involved in a project. Unfortunately, the carpet and burlap were very close in color, so I apologize if the details are hard to see in the pictures}


I wanted the table runner to be 15″ wide and as close to 2 yards as possible in length. I cut the backing to place it in the middle of the burlap. It was 15″ wide and just shy of 60″ long. I used the same “sewing” method on this table runner as I did on the Window Valance.


I Heat ‘n Bonded the backing to the middle of the burlap (about 12″ at a time) around all 4 edges. Doing this ensures that the backing won’t move around.



Once it was all Heat ‘n Bonded, the edges looked like so:



I then folded the burlap over the backing fabric and ironed so that there would be a crease. I used the Heat ‘n Bond and “sewed” the burlap to the backing fabric over all 4 edges.



I’m really happy with the table runner! I feel that it’s so organic looking and I’ll be able to use it throughout the year with numerous centerpieces!




Ps. Sorry for the poor quality of “instructional” photos… those were obviously taken at night.



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